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All you need to know

Opening Times?
General Admission to public 9am
Carbooters turn up on site from 8:30am
Market Traders turn up on site from 6.30am

There is no need to book your pitch in advance,

just turn up on the day!!

How can I contact Eccleshall Market for more info?

Our primary number is: 07568500479

If you cannot reach that number, please call: 07836540561

Or please call: 07342822153

What about catering?
There is no need to book, just turn up on the day from 7.30am.

For more info please call: 07568500479

What is the price of admission?
£2 per vehicle.

What is the rent for Car Booters?
Carbooters are charged £8 per vehicle (Carbooters are only allowed to sell 2nd hand goods, if you sell new goods, plants or handmade goods you will be classed as a market trader) 

Market traders are charged £20 for 13ft and £1.50 a foot after that.

Are there any goods which I am not allowed to sell?

Live animals, Fireworks, Tobacco products and all counterfeit goods are amongst the goods prohibited.

Does the Company supply me with a built-up stall?

No, we don’t supply any type of equipment you must bring your own

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